The Shops… Murdering Creativity and Your Wallet One Paycheck at a TIME.


So firstly I’m going to critique the body as I always do considering I spent a pretty penny trying to get the full content on this mesh I was not able to go around and gather up others for comparison. I don’t take part in free blogging groups at this time because it’s allot of pressure and free stuff I can’t honestly say I deserve. Any how on to the topic of The Shops, and the The Mesh Project. So far, out of all the mesh bodies I have demo’ed this one has to be the most versatile! It has the smoothest fit I have seen from fitted mesh versus other out there. Which make it hands down my favorite mesh body. For one it’s damn well seamed, I love the fact the mesh hands come included but with the lack of nail options and the fact that I really don’t want to sink another 2k in linden I’ll pass on nail colors.


Here’s the Cons.

This may be one of the best mesh bodies on the market however I don’t see the justification in paying so much for this shape. It may have had some tweaking in the Thighs, Buttox, and breasts, however that does not justify the expense of Nearly 20 dollars USD on this shape. Why? Because the shape is based off of the original linden lab mesh model. As a mesh designer I know from first hand if you want something to be seamless its best to start with original files and tweak them. Does that justify paying an arm and a leg for something any skilled mesh artist could do… not really. The attempt to reach customers with different price ranges just not as many options is a sales tactic employed since the roman era.
For those of you not familiar with sales, and would willingly throw money at anything just because you have it here’s why you should care.

Analogy Time:

Say we all decided to go to Starbucks but because dick can’t afford a Vente Mocha Frappe star bucks decides they’re going to offer him a less satisfying Vente lets say its pistachio flavored. One it will not ultimately satisfy dicks need because its not chocolate and two it fucking pistachio flavored…? Theirs no caffeine. It’s ultimately not what dick wanted! Sure dick will spend the money to give it a go, but because dick isn’t satisfied with the options he’s likely to come back and spend more money later for Vente Mocha Frappe Which has all the original Options dick wanted in the first place. (WHY DICK!?)

Did that make sense?

SO lets break this down more, The Vente Mocha Frappe costs, lets say 4 bucks in a perfect world with out taxes.
The pistachio cheap flavor costs, Lets say 2.50 Same size just not the full chocolate goodness and caffeine you’d get from drinking the Frappe.

Dick Pays 2.50 for the pistachio thinking it would be more cost effective, but dick doesn’t take into consideration it doesn’t have Caffeine and it’s not fucking chocolate…
So dick comes back later and pays 4 bucks for the real thing. Dick SPENT 6.50!? WHY DICK WEREN’T YOU TRYING TO SAVE?

The Shop makes its money off of people attempting to make a good decision which is just sad.

Alpha Layers Hud:
IT SUCKS, it’s essentially the second life body, yet you can click sections and turn them off. Considering the wide range of mesh clothing products out there its sad. I feel like a lack of detail was left out in the design of this hud, you’re still very much limited and while the thought is cute theirs virtually no attempt here.


I’d like to say thank you to everyone who voiced the same opinion and helped in the creation of this blog.
Lets hope that this starts a well needed discussion.

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#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Feet(f) Bare/Low/Mid/High/Ouch!
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(Chemistry) Hair – Buttons 2 (Not Rigged)
(Chemistry) Hair – Buttons 2 blunt bangs (Not Rigged)
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