The Pregnant Pumpkin

The Pregnant Punking [Full]

Maternity shopping is probably the worst thing to do if you’re role playing pregnancy and still want to some how be fashion forward. It’s like trying to shove a square peg through a circle, nine times out of ten the outfit you put together just doesn’t fit your Role play… Most of the time you end up looking urban. I was really happy to stumble upon The Muse, although these dresses have been out for a while I still wanted to show my appreciation for having the luxury to wear something that is so detailed and lovely. I spent hours searching for the right dress that made me feel like I had that autumn “Pop”. I’m a sucker for Halloween and fall this time of year really makes you want to cozy up and drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate, well for me any way.

The Pregnant Pumpking [frontal]

Nothing says soon to be mommy like a bow from the forge… Last thing any one wants to deal with is a hormonal raging plump pumpkin chasing after them and shooting. If you add a pair of elf ears to this outfit the peak perfectly to the sides giving a nice dramatic look, great for the casual forest elf.

The Pregnant Pumpkin

Here’s a nice frontal shot, this dress is amazing if you have pushed cleavage add ons for your skin they look fuller and big and the dress really makes them pop out.

The Pregnant Pumpkin Stats:

Eyeliner: [ bubble ] Glam Cat Liner -Black
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Willow 2 (sleek) w short bangs (Rigged)
Necklace: (Milk Motion) word necklace – love – gold RARE
Flower Crown: *BOOM* Nature’s Crown (peaches and cream)
Bow Choker:  *BOOM* Precious Bow Collar (chest) cocoa
Pixie Hat: *{Junbug}* Sweet Pixie Cap Black Floral RARE
Horns: . a i s l i n g . Marangki RARE
Head Circlet :[P]:-Arachzis Circlet://
Star Studs: Cute Poison – Stellar Piercing
Eyelashes: -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Mask: Noodles – Aria Mask Black Metal
Flats: Tee*fy Arden Ballerina Flats With Strap Brown {L&R}
Dress: the muses . Margaret dress (Maternity) . Autumn . S
Eyes: [Crash Republic] Rebel Eyes – blue 2 – {L&R}
Bow: [EZ] Eldar Bow -novo2.02 (Gold)
Nails: [label mode] twinkle nails (L&R)
Necklace: [The Forge] Boadicea’s Necklace RARE (Gold)
Chest Belt: [The Forge] Daerwen Chest Belt (Brown)
Skin: [theSkinnery]Ming-Bare face(honey) BB CL3

A Montage of Breasts!


So before we get started, let me introduce you to all of the breasts I have owned over the past two and half years or something like that… Might be exaggerating a bit there. This post is going to go in order of age, starting with the sculpted push-ups to the left and then going to the newest in the Lola’s Line. This blog post will show you front and side boob comparisons of all of these glorious titties! One more thing before we get started my Mucky Duckies. If you want the dirty images for better comparison to each breast you can visit my flickr which is linked to the right of the blog and click through. You must be logged into flickr to view these images! Now shall we continue?


Hello old school push-ups. Originally body modifications in SL took a lot of time and patience and appliers were almost impossible to come by often. This caused a great deal of stress. No matter how hard you tried seaming these boobs, they were practically impossible to work with. It took tons of effort or a really good friend to put together a texture for you which often resulted in the stretching of the nipple to the point they looked like droopy ovals (YUM). You can see why body enhancements had a bad rep and were reserved for the down right mucky. Often they never looked good and you had to keep the same skin otherwise you risked having to start from scratch to make them work.

There’s two designers that owe some recognition for trying to deal with these puppies and market them, C.K. Winx and Morgan Adamski.

Clean Tangos

Then came Tango’s and thank god because seaming was so much of a hassle; these boobs were a joyous arrival onto the body modification market. It gave Skin Creators back creative control over their skins and potential to make cash flow off of offering appliers. They were fun and easy to seam and instantly exploded with popularity among women looking for that perfect rack. Still there was a huge stigma on them, many woman were still skeptical and some of the first appliers were risky and variety was tight.


Lush… I bought these because they had the roundness I was looking for at the time. However Tango’s had stolen the market and many designers didn’t want to make another set of appliers for these. Thankfully through a couple of updates you could apply Tango Appliers to these lovely breasts. The only thing that really put me off about these breast is the awkward crease at the bottom of the breasts. I ended up moving back to my Tango’s until Tango Mirage’s arrived. These breasts are affordable and they are compatible so if you’re looking for a good pair of respectable breasts they’re relatively easy to re-size.


Round, BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY… Ugh… I bought these two days after they came out. I can’t stop praising these because of the effort in scripting, and seaming is simply masterful with these. So what makes these different…

Well Let me just Roll out my List:

1. Re-sizing is simpler and editing and positioning takes just seconds to make it work.
2. Tango Appliers work with them.
3. LESS SCRIPT USE. Just 2 scripts. No need to go on to the marketplace and purchase a script cleaner.
4. Want oil on them? No problem they still seam correctly.
5. They’re Masterfully round and plump… with no awkward crest at the bottom of the breast.
6. The drop menu is cleaner and easier to use.
7. You can use both Bra and Dress tops on one or the other.
8. Bounce script included!
9. Script Usage is minimal [80Kb consumed for 0.004724ms of cpu time.] you can keep your tits for a raid, they cost less than your collar.
10. Looks more realistic with half corsets.

Side Shots of all (CLEAN)

Here’s the Side view of each breast! Depending on what you’re looking for in your breast shape one of these four are suitable.
The skins featured in this post are Vive Nine, and Essence. Remember if you want the dirty comparison please visit my flickr! you can get a good idea on how the nipple shapes around the breast.

The Wilderness

The Wilderness

Woot my first post… Lots to talk about! This is a blog devoted to not just female fashion but two avid role players who simply want to show you our taste in style.
Yes, Their will be men styling and of course I’ll talk about some of the juicy stuff and give my opinion and suggestions on just about everything.
So for the first official post I’d like to introduce myself, I’m known as foxy! I’m generally pretty open about where my outfits come from.
I’m pretty enthused with whats new and I’ll try just about anything! I plan on bringing more then just Gorean Fashion, but random outfits that are fun and cute.

So now that I’ve gotten that out of the way lets blow the lid off of this top. Lots of New RELEASES… Tons of things to be interested in as of late.
C.K. Winx released his Phat Azz, and I spent the last week adjusting my shape to fit and I have a few tips to add on to the suggestions CK Made.

On top of that we have the arrival of the very much anticipated mirage breasts. I’ll be doing a clear blog on presentation and the difference between Tango’s and Mirage.

The Wilderness

Here’s My tips!

1. Make sure you edit your hip width… It’s very important to get a nice full round bottom. Other wise you end up with what I call a shelf azz… Trust me its not pretty.
2. After setting your belly fat to 16 make a point to set body fat to Two This keeps the crease on the back from appearing.
3. Body Fat does not play a roll in how your mesh ass appears. whats great about liquid mesh is it will most certainly form to your shape as best it can.
4. My final tip and this should be common sense… DEMO everything for your lower half!!! I mean EVERYTHING.


The Wilderness

Top: lazybones – Elody top – brown
Brows: Soiree – Kat Brows #Medium Blonde
Beauty Marks: .Oh!Liv. *Beauty Mark* COMBI Mindy
Arm Tatts: – BlackFeet – Maori
AZZ: ** Phat Azz /w more inner thighs
Lashes: . Moody Falsies .
Face Piercings: .:ellabella:.[P] Horiz (m)
Gloves: .Shi : Fingerless Glove [Female.V2-Left][Female.V2-Right]
Scarf: :[P]:-Raziel Scarf://Zombily Ghouly Ghosties      (This is an event you can stop by Plastik to participate. Just join Group and have fun collecting Halloween goodies!)
Belly Chain: <-Puncture-> Belly Chain [SLUT] Large
Fox Tail: Aux – Foxy Tails – (RIGGED)- Med – Add on – Red Fox
Earring Cuff: bellballs/PIDIDDLE – Fringed Cuff – Nature R (Golden Finish)
Boobs: Lolas :::Tango Mirage :::
Hair: Magika [Hair M] Curious  NEW
Back Pack: Tee*fy Leather-Made Goat Head Backpack Black  (The Arcade)
Belt: [The Forge] Boadicea’s Belt, (Gold/Black).
Arm Band: {KD} Kahli Designs – Arm Torc – Gold
Boots: ~Soedara~ Urukia Boots-S
Skin: Essences – CHO Clean Browless *peche*
Eyes: [theSkinery] Lovers eye -Baby blue